The legal status of the academy Country: Egypt Commercial registration 198787, Tax card 629-925-706, Establishment number 3660424. Our administrative location in Egypt Hurghada – 20A Al-Ahyaa in front of the Shamal District Property No. 20A, the second-floor Apartment No. 5. Our administrative location is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Al-Ahsa – Hofuf City – Al-Bandari District.

Personnel Employment Agreement 2024 Paperwork:
1- Proof of identity
2- Academic qualification
3-Birth certificate required skills
4-Experience in using social media platforms
5-The ability to write correct and attractive content
6-The ability to create simple designs to attract teachers

Required tasks
1- Work to attract (teachers, lecturers, and professors) to participate in the annual memberships that we provide through advertisements that you will make through social media platforms.
2-You can gain the trust of teachers by inviting them to undergo a free trial for 30 days in the following educational fields:
2- Governmental and international school curricula
5-Management Target group

Teachers who can apply to work with us
1-Language teachers in general.
2-Language teachers in governmental, language, experimental, and international schools.
3- Lecturers and professors in universities.

Advantages of working with us
1-You can work with us from anywhere in the world.
2- No need for university qualifications or even specific qualifications if you have the skills that enable you to do your job.
3-You can work with us partially or fully.
4-The percentage of rewards increases if subscribers increase.
5-There are no limits if you want to increase your income.
Basic percentage of reward
20% commission on any reservations
and a bonus – monthly.
The bonus will be given according to the number of subscribers.
100-150$ -100 subscribers
400-600$ – 200 subscribers
900-1350$ – 300 subscribers
1600-2400$ – 400 subscribers
2500-3750$ – 500 subscribers

How and when will you obtain your financial rights?
-Through the digital dollar,(USDT) via the Binance platform.
-To learn more about the digital dollar and the Binance platform, .(Click here).
-Your financial rights will be sent from days 1-5 of the beginning of each month.
-To receive the money, you must have a wallet on Binance (to make a wallet, Click here).

Target countries
-From the Arab countries:
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman

-From European countries:
the European Union

-From Asian countries:
China, Japan, Korea

Implementation mechanism
1- A WhatsApp group will be created between you and the academy administration – all teachers who want to get a 30-day free trial will join this group – to view a sample of the free version Click here (only web without social platforms).

2- Forms will be sent to teachers who received the free trial – to view a form for participating teachers, Click here (with all social platforms).

3-Forms will be sent to teachers who have subscribed to the various systems.

4- You must review the subscription details that will be presented to the teacher – to read the details,Click here .

5- If the teacher wishes to participate in the free trial – 30 days, he must send the required papers + an official photo – you will create a Telegram group with the teacher and the academy administration.
(@lldonline_academy & @lld_academy_administration )
to receive the teacher’s papers + the official photo + all the required data from the teacher.

6- When the teacher sends all the requirements according to the academy’s standards, he must inform us to carry out the rest of the steps, whether a free subscription or a fee.

Important note: When fees are received in the currency of an economically unstable country in which there are 2 exchange rates (the bank and the black market), the commission and reward will be calculated according to the country’s currency (an example of a country where the exchange rate is currently unstable – Egypt)
-If an Egyptian teacher wants to subscribe, he will calculate the subscription value in Egyptian pounds according to the current exchange rate in Egyptian banks.